Harbor landscape

Marmont street

Although a conqueror, Napoleon’s marshal Marmont is responsible for the urbanisation of Dalmatian cities, in return the citizens of Split have named their most beautiful street after him. Marmont street is not only beautiful but also historically meaningful. In 1922 a library and a reading room has been founded there for Francophiles, today Alliance Francaise. The first cinema of Split found its home there as well. A unique fish market decorates its centre, special because of the fact that you won’t find flies there due to the smell of sulphur which can still be felt from the neighbouring spa. It is also decorated by the beautiful Secession buildings Duplančić and Tončić, while its northern end boarders through Venetian bastion with the architecture of the Theatre and the church of Our Lady of Good Health. Two of the most popular exhibition centres in the city are also in this street, Salon Galić and the Photo Gallery. A couple of passage ways lead directly from it to Prokurative. From the Riva to the top of Marmont street numerous shops line up from right to left, turning this street into one of the most important shopping oases’ of the city centre, while the top of the street is thrusting with popular cafés and restaurants. Witty contemporary fountain, called Pirja, should not be missed! It still makes you wonder what was the message the artist was trying to convey?


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