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Voćni trg (Fruit square)

Believe it or not, but this square, maybe the most beautiful one in the city, to the citizens of Split is more familiar under its unofficial rather than its official name of Trg Braće Radić (Square of the Radić brothers). Its “familiar” name comes from the fact that it was once home to the bustling and colourful market where women from the surrounding villages came to sell their fruit. On the neighbouring square, west of the Fruit Square, fruit was sold. There are several landmarks decorating this not so large a square thriving with city life in bars, restaurants and exclusive shops, a venue often used also by fairs. The biggest is certainly the octagonal Venetian tower, the leftover of the former fortress, built in the 15th century for the defence of, at the time, a small town.

Opposite the tower is a magnificent Palace of the old family Milesi from the 17th century with a spectacular Baroque facade, one of the best examples of that style in the whole of Dalmatia. Just in front of it stands the monument to the father of the Croatian literature, the citizen of Split, Marko Marulić, who was one of the most important philosophers and intellectuals of the 15th century. The author of the monument, as well as of several others in the city is Ivan Meštrović. This is, of course, not all, as every stone on the Fruit Square, just like on the other old city squares , bears witness to the history and tells the story of the times that passed, from the oldest of days, “represented” by the south-western tower of the Diocletian Palace on the very exit from the Fruit Square to the Riva. Consequently, just like Pjaca, the Fruit Square has a special place in the heart of the citizens of Split, and all because it was the central location for the filming of one of the most popular Croatian TV series’, saga’s of Split “Velo Misto”.

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