Adrijo joins the Adriatic Sea. It combines the Italian word ADRIATICO with the Croatian word JADRANSKO.

Adrijo is an invention, it is the result of a cognitive and creative process, the result of a linguistic construction that unites, by mean of the language, the two shores.
It is the Adriatic that includes but goes beyond territorial identities, the place of a supranational Adriatic citizenship where peoples and nations, languages, cultures and knowledge meet and coexist. It is the geographic and real ecosystem, symbolic, thought and designed, narrated and represented. In the form of gaze, object, word. It is the plot of the stories, the set of historical and contemporary communities, the heritage that becomes perspective.

Adrijo is the name that evokes the energy and the Adriatic wind, it is the name that becomes logo, brand, slogan. Inclusive and original, it refers to the imaginary, maps and traditions that have settled on the coasts and the landscapes that land on those coasts.
It is energy, the metamorphosis of the Adriatic, transformation and development; it is the concentrate of transits and routes, experiences and tourism, cultures and works.

Adrijo is invention, meaning, sign. It is the past and the future, the memory and the immanence of the most spiritual and full of seas, by symbolic expansion and cultural density, an ocean. The sea of monotheisms, paths and migrations; the sea of proximity and distance, the “sea of intimacy”; the sea of connections between East and West. 

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